What to say? This was the most fantastic vacation of all time. I hadn’t met any of these people beforehand and now we’re great friends. I am so, so glad we clicked and got along the way we did. I felt completely welcome, despite competing on a separate team (quick shoutout to my awesome teammates <3). Our feet may have hurt, our skin may have burned, and our water bottles may have constantly run out, but complaining was just another way of bonding we had. I loved photobombing couples with everyone, confusing tourists and locals alike with our silly objectives, and eating gelato every chance we got. Thank you, Ruth, Meghan, Melissa, Rabea, Jenny, Svenja, Suzie, Jonah, Cynthia, Sophia, Inga, Christine, and Tracy. We were the best group I could have asked for - let’s do it all again this year, this time on the same team!

One cute Misha story to end things:

On the plane ride over, West wanted to sleep under the seats, so Misha crawled under there with him. It was so cramped and uncomfortable that Misha said, “I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t do this. We need to get up.” I wish there had been pictures!

- Sarah

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    I’M SORRY, I SHOULD JUST MOVE. But I will come in handy for the competition this year, I hope!
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    SARAH! I really miss you terribly. Why do you have to live so far away?
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