This is video footage from the spaghetti hunt item already posted.

Wait, wait, wait, that’s bullshit.
Just step in and get in on that action.
I mean, come on, guys. Get this shit done.(?)
And you call yourself a journalist?
Put your mouth on it! Heh heh heh… (Yes, he snickered at his own dirty phrasing.)


What to say? This was the most fantastic vacation of all time. I hadn’t met any of these people beforehand and now we’re great friends. I am so, so glad we clicked and got along the way we did. I felt completely welcome, despite competing on a separate team (quick shoutout to my awesome teammates <3). Our feet may have hurt, our skin may have burned, and our water bottles may have constantly run out, but complaining was just another way of bonding we had. I loved photobombing couples with everyone, confusing tourists and locals alike with our silly objectives, and eating gelato every chance we got. Thank you, Ruth, Meghan, Melissa, Rabea, Jenny, Svenja, Suzie, Jonah, Cynthia, Sophia, Inga, Christine, and Tracy. We were the best group I could have asked for - let’s do it all again this year, this time on the same team!

One cute Misha story to end things:

On the plane ride over, West wanted to sleep under the seats, so Misha crawled under there with him. It was so cramped and uncomfortable that Misha said, “I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t do this. We need to get up.” I wish there had been pictures!

- Sarah


25. Misha at the winners dinner party holding a piece of spaghetti in his mouth that reaches at least 6 feet to the mouth (you must tie spaghetti ends together) to of one (or more) of the winners. You may use props such as glasses and vases to support the spaghetti…but it cannot touch the table.

Okay, posting this as a photoset so it’s covered from all angles and you can see what is happening. So, this was the task and beforehand we decided to do it with uncooked spaghetti which turned out to be a blessing because we did not actually have spaghetti for the dinner! Philip was actually the one who said to start it. He actually had spaghetti and started to knot them together (I have a picture of that somewhere) and we told him to avoid a big mess we would do it with dry once. Okay. So 7 or 8 of us (incl Misha) started taping the pasta together which was very difficult. We supported it with glasses and wine bottles. It definitely was a very fun task to do. 

Picture by Sophia, Susie and Ruth.

Back home :(

So I arrived about an hour ago. Real life starts again tomorrow. And all I wanna do is go back to Rome. Not even because of the awesome Last Supper we had with Misha Collins (although that was one of the best nights of my life), but mostly because of all the amazing GISHWHESians I got to meet and fall in love with. I mean it, I love you guys all so much! And some of you I will probably never see again… just kidding, we’re gonna win again and meet this time next year wherever GISHWHES 2012 leads us.

Tonight or in the next few days I will write a proper “report” about my experiences, with more pictures and videos. And I will cry. A lot. Be prepared.


26. Misha and the winners posing together: three pictures: (1) Misha being supported above them mosh pit style, (2) lying in front of them seductively, (3) him standing away from them as everyone poses yelling at him or making rude Italian gestures. Bonus points if the camera can capture a baguette “in the air” being thrown in his direction. -Rebecca Black – 111.11 pts.

So, while Inga was very considerate and said he should lie down on the veranda of the restaurant, Misha just came out and lied down on the street in front of this very beautiful and unique wall. He really has an eye for stunning backgrounds. But this was a very fun task to do and we’re glad Misha was up for it.

Misha Collins, thank you for being the fucking awesomest person on this planet. And for sitting on my leg for half of the evening…


We went to church with Misha Collins


We went to church with Misha Collins


7. Bring a superhero outfit (or two!) to Rome and put it (them) on in the Piazza Venezia. Buy a bunch of flowers and put them in a pile on the ground in the Piazza. Make tourists or locals stop and then pick up a flower and hand it to them…except pretend the flower weighs a ton. Drop one on your toe at one point and scream.
-Kim Kardashian – 83 pts.

Of course we went with Batman again ;)

The things I do for GISHWHES…

Finding Neverland


Today sone of us had to leave Rome and fly back to their home cities. It feels like being back at Mr. and Mrs. Darling’s House in London - returning from a trip to Neverland.

We all knew it would be awesome, we all knew we would have a fun time and meet a bunch of happy, noisy, creative and extremly awesome persons. But in the end it was even better.

I met a bunch of wonderful people full of life and energy and for a few days, having a good time was all that mattered. They showed me that you can never be too old to build a castle out of blankets and bedding (and yeah, they actually built one!) and how good it feels to sit in it (it felt better than i can tell). That evening I felt a bit like Wendy surrounded by the Lost Boys ( in this case more girls than boys). Even though now one was dressed like a fox, a badger or a bear, the always visible sock monkey hats did their part as well.

So in the end Gishwhes maybe was not so much about winning and having pasta with Misha Collins but more about diving into a world where everything is possible (there were no Pirates, though. next year there definitely should be pirates!).


Just kidding. actually it IS about winning!

Just not solely.

Thank you team 83, thank you lucky bastards, thank you Misha, Jean Louis and Tracy and all the other great people.

i found neverland.

And I have plans to return to it next year!

~ Sophia

This was beautiful! I completely agree (and you actually made Rabea cry, so…)

Love you all!!! *Group hug*


8. A picture of one of the winners using a squeegee or similar to clean where there should be a window at the Coliseum.
-John Swindell – 38 pts.

To be practical, we used what we had to clean the window. So sock monkey hat and tripod it was!

This was so much fun!!!